New Lithium-ion batteries in Cmax Energi will provide better fuel economy

Ford’s third generation hybrid system will replace metal-hydride batteries with the lighter lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries are 50 percent lighter than the metal-hydride batteries and also up to 30% smaller. This allows the Ford C-max Energi and C-max Hybrid to achieve better fuel efficiency.

Chuck Gray, chief engineer for Global Core Engineering, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles at Ford says “We’re continually looking for ways to provide greater fuel efficiency as well as cost savings to customers.” The 3rd generation hybrid technology builds on Ford’s 20 years of electric hybrid vehicle innovations.

Ford’s all new C-max Hybrid will be in showrooms this fall. It has an EPA rating of 47 MPG highway and 47 MPG city. The C-max Energi will launch later this fall and is project to deliver 95 MPGe.

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