Ford C-max Energi Review and Test Drives

rear view of blue 2013 C-max Energi plug-in hybrid

Now that it’s been out since October 2012, there are plenty of C-max Energi Reviews all over the internet. This page will be a place where we gather all of those reviews into one place and summarize each of them in a sentence or two.

The newest C-max Energi reviews are at the top, and the oldest are at the bottom. – November 29, 2012
AutoWeek says the C-max Energi is the perfect commuter car for those who commute less than the all-electric range limit of 21 miles. By most every reasonable measure, it looks like the Ford C-max Energi ‘may be the best of an emerging breed.’
full review here – Nov 16, 2012
Being a plug-in hybrid and a crossover wagon, AutoGuide is concerned it may be too niche of a vehicle. They did like the C-max Energi, though, but recommended waiting to see the Ford Fusion Energi since it has the C-max Energi’s powertrain along with ‘excellent styling.’
full review here – Nov 15, 2012“The C-Max is a lot more competent for the occasional burst of enthusiast driving than plug-ins like Prius and Volt.”
With comments like ‘stunning technology’ and ‘easier to live with’, AutoBlog was clearly impressed with the C-max Energi. At the end of their review they remind readers this might not be the vehicle for everyone, but it is a plug-in hybrid that more drivers than ever could find attractive as a real world vehicle.
full review here – Nov 2012
Ford hopes the C-max Energi hits the sweet spot of the market knocking the Prius to the side. Car And Driver agrees, but they think the price difference between the C-max Energi and the C-max Hybrid may be too great, causing most buyers to go with the hybrid version that is $4K less, has 25% more luggage space, and is rate for 47 mpg.
full review here – Nov 2012 Although they feel the Prius gives the C-max Energi real competition when it comes to fuel economy, they like the driving quality of the C-max better, and enjoyed the extra 48 hp when merging on the freeway.
full review here

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