Ford C-max Energi Price

As of October 2012, the C-max Energi is now officially for sale and is listed on Ford USA’s website.

The C-max Energi starts at $32,950 MSRP for the base model, and can cost up to $40,000 with all available options. With the available $3,750 federal tax credit, the Ford C-max Energi can be add for under $30,000, and for cheaper than the comparable Prius Plug-in.

Price Estimates previous to Ford releasing the C-max Energi pricing

In June 2011, Ford’s Farley hinted that the Ford C-max would cost less than the Volt. Farley said Ford can bring down the cost considerably because the hybrid and plug-in hybrid C-max will share many parts. The Volt starts at $40,280 doesn’t share the hybrid system with any other General Motors vehicle. The Ford C-max is built on the global-c platform.

Aaron Bragman with IHS Automotive thinks Ford could sell the C-max hybrid for as low as $25,000 and the plug-in hybrid will cost a few thousand more.

Since the Ford Focus Electric is priced higher than what anyone first suspected, we suspect the Ford C-max Energi will be priced higher than the $25,000 estimate. Ford does need to compete with the Toyota Prius V which is priced around the mid-$20K range. EVNow’s blog thinks the Ford C-max Energi price will be $34,500.

Any thoughts? To discuss the Ford C-max Energi price, visit the Ford C-max Energi Forum.

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