C-max Energi waste – Ford saves 120 million pounds from landfills

Ford Recycling Program

Ford has boosted its overall green credentials thanks to the strong sales of the Ford C-max Energi plug-in hybrid and the C-max Hybrid, but Ford has been trying to be green for almost a decade.

About 10 years ago, Ford started processing and reusing damaged vehicle components to keep them out of landfills under a program it called the Code Recovery Program. Ford says this process has saved about 120 million pounds from going into the ground since they started.

Recently, Ford added headlights and bumpers to the list of items tha can be recycled, and Ford has recycled 26000 headlights and 62000 bumpers in the past 2 years. Apparently 85% of most vehicles Ford builds are recyclable.

According to Ford, reusing parts whenever possible “helps control costs and quality while conserving valuable resources and giving new life to vehicle components” that would otherwise end up in a garbage pile.

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