Now that the C-max Energi is officially for sale and making its way to dealerships across the US, Ford has released many detailed specifications on the C-max Energi. In addition to this discussion on the C-max Energi Forum, here are some of the specifications on the Energi.

Ford C-max Energi Specs

Seats: 5. There have been some photos of the C-max Energi that show third row seats, suggesting the possibility of squeezing in 7 small passengers – this may have been dumped with the sliding doors.

Sliding Door: No – the C-max Energi was originally going to have sliding doors and be the first electric mini-van type vehicle on the market, and then Ford announced the C-max Energi wouldn’t have sliding doors anymore.

Range: 21 miles of pure electric driving, and over 600 miles when combined with the gasoline range

C-max Energi Battery Capacity: 7.6kWh lithium ion battery pack

Drive: Front wheel drive. The C-max Energi will use a 2.0l atkinson cycle gasoline engine.

Total System Power: 195 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque

Curb Weight: 3,899 lbs

MPG: EPA rated 92 MPGe in the city, 108MPGe on the highway

Top Speed: 102 MPH

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