C Max Energi Ford is breaking records

The C max Energi Ford continues to impress, breaking sales records in it’s first full month of sale. In the month of October and November, the C max Ford sold 8,030 units total making it the highest selling vehicle ever in the first two months. Back when the Camry hybrid launched in 2006, the first 2 months of sales saw 7,300 of them sold. Ford is estimating that the C max is moving off lots 3 times faster than the combined results from the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight when they were launched back in 2000.

According to Ford’s CJ O’Donnell, Ford’s group marketing manager for electrification, “Dealers are seeing an overwhelmingly positive response to C-max hybrids and are excited to finally take on the Prius, with some comparison test drives right on their lots.”

Some Ford dealers have purchased Toyota Priuses in order to give hybrid shoppers the chance to test one side by side with the new C max Ford Energi and Hybrid. Actually, there hasn’t been one person to test drive both that preferred the Prius.

In November, Ford rolled out the C max Energi Ford plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and is starting to ramp up production. Ford will be releasing the Fusion Energi Ford within the next few months.

Ford says the C-max hybrids feature eight models with over 40 miles per gallon. As part of Ford’s first dedicated hybrid range, the C max Energi and C max hybrid really seem to be doing well for Ford.

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