About the Ford C-max Energi Forum

Welcome to the Ford C-max Energi Forum! The Ford C-max Energi is part of the C-max line from Ford. The C-max line of vehicles is Ford’s first ever dedicated Hybrid line. Similar to the line of the Toyota Prius, the Ford C-max line will have many different packages and options available to it.

The two lines that are soon to be available are the Ford C-max Hybrid and the Ford C-max Energi. The Ford C-max Hybrid is a fully hybrid vehicle, which means that you simply put gas in the tank and go. The hybrid system conserves fuel consumption by running at optimum engine speeds, generating power to run an electric motor turning the wheels, and storing excess power in a small battery pack to be used when the engine is not running. Setups like this work best in stop and go traffic and really shine when used as commuting vehicles and city run-about type roles.

The Ford C-max Energi Forum is dedicated to the plug-in hybrid version of the Ford C-max line. The C-max Energi has a larger battery pack than the Ford C-max Hybrid, and actually allows you to plug in at home to charge the battery pack. This allows you to drive a short distance before the gasoline engine kicks in. If used in the right setting, such as multiple short trips throughout the day like dropping off the kids at school, soccer practice etc rather than a long commute, the Ford C-max Energi can be driven without using any fuel at all. When a long trip is necessary, the gasoline engine simply kicks in and takes you all the way to your destination.

Plug-in Hybrid vehicles have been slowly gaining popularity, and are actually outselling 100% electric vehicles. This is mostly because they have the savings and emmisions benefits of an electric vehicle on short trips, but they also have the long range of a standard gasoline powered vehicle. Plug-in hybrid vehicles don’t require the driver to carefully watch their distance to destination, and still allow hassle free electric driving.

The Ford C-max Energi Forum is part of a growing group of electric vehicle forums and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle forums run by the MyElectricCarForums.com group of websites.

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