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C-max Energi News from My Electric Car Forums :

Ford will debut C-max Energi Solar concept car at Consumer Electronics Show

Ford Motor Co. has announced it will be debuting a Ford C-max Energi Solar concept plug-in hybrid vehicle at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. Ford thinks the C-max Energi Solar concept... Continue reading ->

Ford planning on 900 EV certified dealers by spring

By this spring, 1 in every 3 Ford dealers in the US will be certified to sell plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. Ford had 200 certified dealers last November, and will expand that number to... Continue reading ->

Ford dealt class-action lawsuit over C-max Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid mileage claims

Ford is talking with the EPA about hybrid mileage tests, but not over any particular models. The openness about communication between the agency hasn’t kept people from filing a class-action lawsuit against Ford over mileage... Continue reading ->

Ford C-max Energi and Hybrid break sales records

Ford is boasting about its C-max Hybrid and C-max Energi – combined sales of the C-max models have outsold the Prius plug-in and Prius V in the first full month the C-max Energi and Hybrid... Continue reading ->

Ford is talking to EPA about hybrid mileage tests

Ford is talking to the US Environmental Protection Agency about how it tests fuel economy performance on new vehicles. These talks were spurred on by reports that the new Fusion Hybrid and C-max Hybrid are... Continue reading ->

Ford C-max Energi gets access to NY HOV lanes

The Ford C-max Energi is now allowed to wear the New York carpool lane sticker. Cars with these stickers have access to a 40 mile stretch of the Long Island Expressway for single occupied commuter... Continue reading ->

Consumer Reports calls out Ford for false fuel economy claims

Consumer Reports is calling out Ford, saying the Ford C-max Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid don’t achieve anywhere near the number of 47 MPG that Ford claims. Consumer Reports test drove each of the hybrid... Continue reading ->